Roleplay Utopia: Questions and Suggestions

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Roleplay Utopia: Questions and Suggestions Empty Roleplay Utopia: Questions and Suggestions

Post by Toffee on Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:58 pm

Questions & Suggestions

Have any suggestions or questions about this section? Feel free to post them here. If you spot anything requiring moderation that the staff might have missed, feel free to link them here too. If your roleplay requires approval, do not post here unless a week has passed.

Any more concerns about waiting periods will be ignored and deleted. If you think your thread has been on pending too long, pm Toffee, RamenFrog or jarta about it, along with a link to your topic.

You can also post here/PM me or the said staff above if you think some of the roleplays in Light Roleplay section deserve to be moved to Roleplay Utopia. We will have a look and decide if it is so.

Also, I encourage to read through the whole topic before posting new suggestions.


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