Roleplay Utopia: Roleplay Creation Guide

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Roleplay Utopia: Roleplay Creation Guide Empty Roleplay Utopia: Roleplay Creation Guide

Post by Toffee on Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:06 pm

Roleplay Utopia: Roleplay Creation Guide

Section Breakdown

OOC Exchange Turf

►All OOC discussion threads are to go here. Each roleplay is required have one of these. There should be no spamming or trolling here. Individual character applications to a roleplay will be posted here, and the roleplaying creator has the right to accept/reject/ask for revisions here. Plot discussions are encouraged to take place here.

Roleplay Heaven
►Where the in-character roleplaying takes place. Each roleplay has one thread, and one thread only. Individual characters/players should be approved and accepted into the roleplay on the OOC Exchange Turf Thread before they can post here. Main Roleplay threads must be posted here.

Character Profiles
►This is where profiles and accepted applications are stored. Each roleplay needs to have one of these, and once a character is accepted, the player will be allowed to post their application to the appropriate thread. Once this has been done, the player may then participate in the roleplaying thread.

Roleplay Application Counter
►Much like the subforum description says, if you plan to create a roleplay, there are three threads you need to make, and they should all be posted here. They consist of an ‘OOC Exchange’ thread, a ‘Main Roleplay’ thread (Roleplay Heaven), and a ‘Character Profiles’ thread. They should be clearly labeled, for instance the threads for a Dream Flummox roleplay should be entitled respectively as such: “DreamFlummox: OOC Exchanhge”, “DreamFlummox RP: Main Roleplay”, “DreamFlummox RP: Character Profiles”. Within the ‘OOCExchange’ thread, there should be a full application format posted in the first post, as well as the basic rules of the roleplay and the plot summary. Within the ‘Main Roleplay’ thread, the first post can contain the basics of the plot, or can simply start out as a nice introduction by the creator. Within the ‘Character Profiles’ thread, the first post should contain the roleplay creator’s own character, or an index to the other characters within the thread. All three threads should link to each other, so members can easily find them. Naturally, roleplay creators must set their standards within the first posts of their threads – upon inspection; a member of staff will post an approval/alteration notice/rejection in the ‘OOC Exchange’ thread and move them to their appropriate subforums.

Alteration Center
►If a rejection/alteration notice is posted, the three threads will be posted here. A week will be given to make the changes, before they’ll be judged again. Notify a staff if the changes have been made.

Main Forum Area
►This is for the rules, and other important announcements. Be sure to check back regularly. Read before creating a roleplay, or posting anywhere in the Roleplay Utopia.

Simplified Graphic Guide:
Roleplay Utopia: Roleplay Creation Guide Rpguid10

Rules modified by Toffee, and originally provided by ♥ Aya ♥ from Mangafox


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