Light Roleplay: FAQ

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Light Roleplay: FAQ

Post by Toffee on Mon Aug 16, 2010 2:45 pm

Light Roleplay FAQ

Q: What is this section for?
It’s for roleplaying. A large variety of roleplaying threads lie here; some a little more in-depth, while others possess shorter posting requirements. A free-for-all roleplaying domain.

Q: What is roleplaying?
Click here for a definition of what roleplaying is. This forum utilizes the play-by-post, message-board concept.

Q: What’s the difference between this forum and Roleplay Utopia?
Same concept, but with less limitations, less demands for certain standards, and usually the thread owners are much more accepting here. This thread also is more "lighter" than the ones on Roleplay Utopia.

Q: Are one-liners allowed here?
We’ll simply encourage users to not post one-liners, but we won’t be moderating threads over such things, After all, we are seeing as to when to make this section not the post counts.

Q: What if I want to start a new roleplay in this section?
Feel free to. Just be sure to post your threads in their appropriate sections. Also, forum rules are still enforced here.

Q: Can I start an R-rated roleplay here?
You should probably start it in the mature section of the forums. (Seeing if there is one, if not, then don't.)

Q: Hey, I saw a thread in the wrong section of this forum!
PM a moderator and we’ll move it to its appropriate section.

Q: The roleplays here are too easy for me. I want something harder, where all the players are consistent.
Then go to Roleplay Utopia little one.

Q: Since there’s no post count here, can I randomly start a spam thread here?
No, this section is for Light Roleplay, not spam. Post it in The Spam Hooha.

Q: Oh my god. I saw plagiarized content here, from another site!
Where? Link a staff member through PM and show us proof. We’ll handle it from there. After all, we do not tolerate plagiarism.

Q: How do I know whether I should start my roleplaying threads in Roleplay Utopia or here?
Will you be maintaining a solid standard? Do your threads have comprehensive plot, formatting, and are you ready to run a roleplay while accepting and dismissing applicants according to your set standards? Are you completely banning one-liners and anything less than an expected, literate amount? If you answered yes to all of these, your threads belong in Roleplay Utopia.

Q: Do I have to remake my roleplay if I want to move it to Roleplay Utopia?
Yes. We’ll be enforcing stricter standard and rules there.

Q: I don’t like being told by the staff what to do or what not to do.
Then this section’s probably better for you or don't even post at all. :)

FAQ altered by Toffee and provided by ♥ Aya ♥ on MangaFox


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