SOTW Rules

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SOTW Rules

Post by Toffee on Wed Jul 28, 2010 4:20 pm

SOTW Rules
Signature of the Week

Tags - signatures in a different term.

1. Signatures for SOTW has a maximum size limit of 250 x 500 for vertical tags, or 500 x 200 for horizontal ones. Anything over that will not be accepted. On some cases, we will specify on the SOTW thread if we allow a much more bigger size.

2. Feel free to do horizontal/vertical/or any style you want.

3. Nothing hentai/pornographic. Don't you read the rules?

4. Stealing signatures is a no-no. You will be banned permanently upon discovery.

5. No using old signatures, unless the theme allows them. It will be specified, if allowed.

6. All signatures must be submitted to the Dream Flummox member account named [B]SOTW. This is to maintain anonimity when submitting. Please make sure to entitle the message as, "SOTW #__" or "#__" with the number of the SOTW competition you're submitting it to.

7. If no staff member closes/ends a SOTW competition thread or voting thread, inform a staff immediately.

8. Each competition lasts for only a week, while voting starts the week that follows, hence starting a new competition.

9. Animation is allowed, but we encourage you to not stick with non-animated works to keep the forum working fast.

10. One entry per person. You may submit another to replace your original entry, but it will only be accepted before the deadline. (Make it clear that you're replacing it.)

11. No usernames are to be placed onto a submitted entry until that week's SOTW has been declared over.

12. No posting/showing entries elsewhere, including websites outside of Dream Flummox, until the voting for the SOTW declared is over, just so to keep it anonymous.

13. For the time being, we will accept entries from all hosting sites such as Photobucket, Imageshack, etc. though we do encourage you to upload it on an anonymous hosting site.


SOTW Voting Rules

Tags are displayed anonymously to prevent peer voting and be fair.

1. No voting for yourself. We will check before totalling the count.

2. Only one vote per person.

3. Disable/turn off your signature when voting to make counting easier.

4. When you vote, make sure to have a solid reason. A good reason would be "amazing typography" or "nice use of effects". Votes without reason will be deleted immediately and not added to the total of count.

5. No voting for a specific person just because you like them. That's ridiculous.

More rules may be added as time goes. Be sure to check each week before competing and/or voting.



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