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Post by Toffee on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:32 pm

GFX Planet Rules
Read and accept.

1. Create your own work, don't steal works from other members and claim them as your own.

2. When requesting sigs/avis/etc please be sure to be respectful. Their works are free, which means if a member tries to charge you for something, then they have stolen from you, and please inform a staff immediately.

3. All other forum rules apply.

4. Do not spam. Double-posting is considered as spam and make use of the edit button, if there is new information after 24 hours, then you can post again.

5. Make sure to use the avis/signatures' limits, and not over exceed them.

6. Do not ask for stolen software. If you want them, get it yourself.

7. Rules are acceptable to change.

8. If you are using an original art, make sure to credit them somewhere in your sig because it's rude to see their work used and not credited. You can ask the artist for their permission. If this rule is not followed, I or the other staff members will remove them, so you are being warned.

9. Do not reserve posts in Graphic Threads. If we see you posting anything about claiming first post, and then going back to edit it later, you will recieve a 2-3 day ban for the original spam.

10. Shop owners, try to keep your thread in order so that you don't encourage spamming. You can talk in VM or PM, so make use of it.

11. When requesting, be sure to put everything you want on the form and don't change what you want when the work is done.

12. The artists/shop owners have the right to reject your request if they think it is okay to.

13. Plagiarism leads to a permanent ban.


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