Blah-Blah Feud Forum Rules - Read before creating a thread!

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Blah-Blah Feud Forum Rules - Read before creating a thread!

Post by jarta on Thu Jul 29, 2010 6:46 pm

* Spamming is not allowed.

  • Off topic discussions, one liner responses, and double posting is considered spam and would not be tolerated.
  • Everything has a place and everything must be in place. Don't post threads here that should be posted in other section.
  • Duplicating threads or posting threads with a similar topic to an already existing one would also be considered spamming and would immediately be closed and trashed.

* Respect is a must. Bashing/Flaming/Trolling/Harrassment are strictly forbidden.

  • You may discuss/debate in a heated manner but do not intentionally start a fight.
  • Make statements that are supported by evidence, and express opinions supported by reasons.
  • If you don't like a certain character, person, manga, etc., explain you reasons respectfully.
The rules are still under construction. I'll edit this later

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