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Post by BluYuri on Wed Jul 28, 2010 4:12 pm

So.. I just watched the season finale for Doctor Who... well, not just now, but now.. just not now.. Time travel you know... The Doctor is IN! Icon_wink

So... IF you want to see it.. and have not yet..


Let's begin with a nice little bit of kit for all the sci-Fiends out there..
The opening is a great piece of puzzle making with what could be, the final cameos by some of the individuals from this seasons various adventures, starting with VanGogh, the painter, and a 'last painting' he made. His brother apparently hid it away as it was so hideous. Then, we jump to London during the blitz, where the painting has been found and is now in the hands of Winston Churchill, who dials a phone number and a phone in the far flung future rings... A guard answers and it turns out his prisoner is none other then Dr. River Song... Yeah, her again! She gets the message from Churchill and promptly escapes and travels to the British Escape vessel Britannia (I think it was called) and steals a painting from the 'Royal Collection'.. she is caught by the young Queen of England... Yeah, I know, all over the place huh? Dr. Song now is in one of those dirty little trading spots... where she basically trades the crime bosses life "Here, it's the antidote to the poison I just put in your drink." For a Temporal Agents Wrist device. You know, like the one Capt. Jack Harkness had? From there, we go to The Doctor deciding to visit a legendary spot, the oldest planet in existence for a look at the mysterious message carved into an actual cliff face...

When they arrive.. it reads.. "Hello Sweetie" and has some symbols underneath those words. The Doctor freaks and off they go again! He finds River Song in Ancient Briton, in a roman encampment, pretending to be Cleopatra! Oy! LOL! This leads them to Stonehenge and...

They introduced us to "THE PANDORICA" A special prison that dates back to Who knows when.. it's said to be a prison, that holds the scariest creature in the universe prisoner, a creature that has the blood of millions on it's hands and is the most feared thing EVER to cross the space-ways. Naturally, the Doctor and his companion Amy, must investigate.

Long story short from there.. Not wanting to tell you everything.. All the greatest enemies of the Doctor have teamed up.. and what is the most feared thing in the universe? Have you guessed it yet? Yep, THE DOCTOR!! They put him inside and lock him away for eternity. Not realizing, what Vincent had painted, was the TARDIS Blowing Up! This causes a rupture in time.. the cracks we have been seeing all over the place all season and will destroy all of time.

Sound good so far? Cool!

Right, the next thing I want to talk about.. something really romantic actually if you think about it.. I'm not going to tell you how or why.. But Rory, Amy's fiance is alive again! They must exchange the Doctor for Amy inside the Pandorica.. No, I'm not giving up how or why just yet..

And Rory, decides that he will stay and protect her while she's inside.. Lucky for him, he's no not human (nope, not gonna explain that either) and he remains with the box for the next 1,894 years (or so) protecting it and moving it when he has too.. This figure becomes a legend until it is last seen during a fire bombing of London and is never seen again. Phew..

So, They are reunited, face off against a Dalek.. Yep, those evil bastards of course.. and the Dalek.. KILLS The Doctor!! Oh man.. Now, River is facing this partially restored Dalek.. She is standing there, alone against this thing and it says she is (of course) to be exterminated... only it's weapon hasn't regenerated yet. River, knowing it's shields are also down, pulls her blaster and tells it she's going to kill it.. It replies that she is a companion of the Doctor and will show compassion... She says to check it's memory banks, she is Dr. River Song.. for the first time in history.. A Dalek begs for mercy. When she joins Amy and Rory, they ask what about the Dalek.. and what does she say, "I Killed It." Yep, she's scary...

So, a few other things happen.. and if you've seen it.. Great.. if not.. and you're a science fiction fan.. You are missing the best Sci-Fi on TV today.

I thought that just rocked.. and yes, we even got another possible glimpse as too who River is.. but she's still not telling.. "Spoilers" she warns... Knowing the rule about not telling a person about their future... The Doctor is IN! Icon_cool Oh yeah.. Next season.. hopefully will Rock just as hard.. and just as well..



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