~Rules For Music Madness~

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~Rules For Music Madness~

Post by Teddy_Ursa on Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:34 pm

All Dream Flummox Forum Rules Apply here

Making Threads

making a thread under the Music Genres Section, please be sure to give
some general information about the Artist/Band you are talking about.
Leave a link to another webpage for more information about the Artist/Band.
also try and provide a picture and a video of the Artist/Band because
this allows the other people reading your thread to get a sample of what
the Artist/Band sounds like and this allows for conversations to be


When criticising a Artist/Band,
please be respectful. Yes everyone is entitled to their own opinions,
but you must be respectful of other people as well.Everyone has their
own tastes in music, so do not insult others for their particular
Post such as "This band sucks" or "How can you listen to
this S*** its to stupid!" are considered flame posts and you will be
warned, if you continue to flame or troll, you may be banned.

No Spamming!!!

this is a area to chat about music, but please dont go off topic, stick
to talking about the Artist/Band of which the particular thread has
been made for
No Double posts!!!

Please be sure to place multiple videos in spoiler tags!

No Flaming or Trolling!!!!

The Music Madness section is for your enjoyment
, but breaking the rules may lead to deletion/moving of a post/thread.

These rules are subject to change
Have fun :)

Rules Provided By Teddy_Ursa

Bloed-speel is die verbond tussen ons

Credits to Toffee and Ramen for the awesum collab set!!!!
Credits to elsevilla for the original artwork

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