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Post by Toffee on Thu Aug 12, 2010 3:14 pm

ChatBox (CB) Rules
Read before chatting.

The moderators of the CB has a right to give you how many days ban to their liking, but they must ask the admins/super moderators first.

What you must NOT do:

Advertising a forum

► Permanent ban from the CB.
Advertising a website (Giving a link without a good reason is not allowed)
► Ban from the ChatBox, the duration will be chosen by the moderator..
► YouTube links are allowed, and pictures.
► Permanent ban from the CB, and member warned, or banned from the forum depending on the severity of the charges
Support (asked directly or link given to a topic of the support forum)
► Warning, and if committed again ban from the ChatBox for a duration chosen by the moderator (48h for example).
Use Of SMS/Text Language
► Ban from the CB in case of abuse for a duration chosen by the moderator.
► For example, "!$nT !T @w3s0m3 t0 tYp3 l!k3 tH!$"
► Ban from the CB in case of abuse for a duration chosen by the moderator, as usual.
Speaking in another language than English
►We can always check what you say, so just refrain from speaking different languages.
► Ban from the CB in case of abuse for a duration chosen by the moderator.
Violating the Dream Flummox Rules
►If you do that you'll receive a warning or ban from the staff.
Violating PG-13 Rule
►Violating this can earn you a severe warning (of course) and/or a temporary/permanent ban.

If you notice someone that violates these rules above:
Take a screenshot of the message/(s) that violates the rules in the ChatBox and contact a Mod or Super Mod by PM:

Title of your message: ChatBox Rules Violation

The message itself :
Member: Indicate the username of the member who didn't follow the rules.
Reason: Indicate which rule(s) the member violated.
Screenshot: Give the link to the screen shot you've taken.
Extra Notes: Just a few extra notes you'd like to let the moderator know.

Important : only people with the @ sign can moderate the Chatbox.

The DreamFlummox Staff

Rules credit to the ForuMotion Team, and Toffee (for changes).


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